Passing the intersection of Vourvourou continuing 5 km before Sarti will probably come across one of the most dreamed beaches of Halkidiki , Kavourotripes . As the landscape has nothing to envy to exotic destinations. We see the white small sand beaches encircling by rocks and penetrate in turquoise crystal clear waters of Sithonia, while […]


The scenic coastline of Kalamitsi with pristine clear waters and Golden Sands and the isle, rightly considered one of the hidden gems of Greece. The beach is organized with deckchairs in several places along. In kalamitsi will find restaurants, cafeterias and grocery stores. The characteristic hills of the area covered by oak, thyme and oregano, […]


Sandy beach with wonderful turquoise waters and camping, Platanitsi spreads over an area with dense vegetation, in the eastern part of the peninsula of Sithonia. Within walking distance lie Kavourotrypes, exotic beaches in the area with marvellous natural bas-relief. Platanitsi and Kavourotrypes refrain 73.5 and 72 km respectively from Polygyros.

Porto Koufo

Porto koufo is the largest and safest natural harbor in Greece. Named “Kofos port” mentions by Thucydides. Its dimensions are: maximum length of 1,600 m, maximum width of 550 m, maximum depth 8-23 m., 300 m. inlet, input 10-depth 33 m and 5.5-27 m On rocky and rugged coastline open up caves, in one of […]


Sarti is situated on the eastern side of the peninsula of Sithonia in CHALKIDIKI, surrounded by the blue sea of the Aegean Sea and the lush mountain Dragoynteli. An ideal destination for holidays with many traditional tavernas and nightlife, historical monuments and hospitable inhabitants. In Sarti you will enjoy Lacy shores, sandy beaches and little […]