Passing the intersection of Vourvourou continuing 5 km before Sarti will probably come across one of the most dreamed beaches of Halkidiki , Kavourotripes . As the landscape has nothing to envy to exotic destinations. We see the white small sand beaches encircling by rocks and penetrate in turquoise crystal clear waters of Sithonia, while green accents embellish the tropical setting.

The famous beach of Sithonia, Kavourotripes is well hidden behind a pine forest. On the eastern side of the peninsula, about 20 km. from the village of Vourvourou and 5 km. after the camping of Armenisti, the asphalt rode crosses a dense pine forest.

Sign for the beach there is not, but with little attention you will discover distinguishing parked cars among the pines. You will need o descend on foot from the woods on the famous coast, but the picture will reward you.