The peninsula of Athos is the easternmost and roughest of the three individual parallel peninsulas (Cassandra or Pallini, Logkoy or Sithonia-Central, and Athos or Agion Oros) that make up the peninsula of CHALKIDIKI. The peninsula is covered by Mount Athos, which culminates in a marble pyramid height 2033m., hence its name. It concludes in Cape Nymphaion or Akrothoon. It lacks rivers and lakes. Linked Halkidiki with the narrow isthmus of Xerxes, low strip of land, with a length of 2 km, a history of the Persian wars in 480 BC. Between the peninsula of Sithonia and Athos or Logkoy formed the Siggitikos or Mount Athos Gulf, while BA Bay of Ierissos.

A few miles SE of Mount Athos is the largest Gulf of the Aegean Sea from the 80 m depth, abruptly reaches 1070m.