Porto koufo is the largest and safest natural harbor in Greece. Named “Kofos port” mentions by Thucydides. Its dimensions are: maximum length of 1,600 m, maximum width of 550 m, maximum depth 8-23 m., 300 m. inlet, input 10-depth 33 m and 5.5-27 m On rocky and rugged coastline open up caves, in one of which, in to SE side of the entrance, the visitor can enter by boat. Another interesting cave is located in SE side of the Harbor, at the top of the intersection of the old quarry. Her visit is almost impossible today, because of section created by quarrying. This cave must have been a place of worship in the Roman era. Later, to purify the area, Christians drew red characteristic crosses on the roof of the cave.

In Porto Koufo there are German forts located in typical Hill, left as we enter by boat. The remains of the fortifications built by the Germans during World War II, as well as underground halls and plateau, on which stood the onshore artillery. The visit can only be done on foot, in half hour walk from the castle of Likithos. Those who love mountaineering, can experience the laborious ascent from the ramparts of the Acropolis of Toroni (45 minutes approximately).